One Platform for ESG Management & Compliance

Become compliant with new legislation and regulations, avoid future penalties for non-compliance, and meet your organization's net-zero targets.

Run a world-class sustainability program.
Simplify regulatory compliance.

Smart solutions for ESG leadership

With our software, businesses can track and monitor their carbon emissions in real-time, allowing them to identify areas where they can reduce their environmental impact.


Additionally, our software includes tools for assessing the sustainability of suppliers and their supply chains. This allows businesses to make informed decisions about the suppliers they work with, and ensure that their supply chains are sustainable and compliant with relevant laws and regulations.


Overall, our sustainability software provides businesses with the tools and data they need to manage their environmental impact and compliance risks effectively.

Centralize sustainability and risk data

Perform due diligence confidently

Supplier due diligence is more important than ever in today's global interconnected supply chains.

Cloudsyte helps sourcing and procurement teams quickly evaluate potential issues and identify top-tier suppliers based on regulatory compliance, operational stability, and other ESG goals.

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