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Optimize & simplify urban sustainability

Cloudsyte empowers local governments to address climate and natural risks while embracing the opportunities of a sustainable, net-zero future.

The only enterprise platform built to elevate urban sustainability.

Powering adaptation, resilience & mitigation goals

With over half of the global population residing in cities and urban centers contributing to roughly 70% of greenhouse gas emissions, prioritizing low-emissions and resilient urban development is essential for creating a healthier and safer planet for everyone.

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Assess local risk factors and take action

Reduce natural and climate hazard risks by accessing 30+ hazard types and community risk factors. Gain a comprehensive view of your community to proactively minimize risks.

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Simplify emissions data & reporting

Achieving success in your Resiliency, Adaptation, and Mitigation goals hinges on accurate and up-to-date data. Our platform solves the data problem.

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Implement sustainability action plans

Collaborate and prioritize critical projects using Risk Assessment data to achieve your adaptation, mitigation, and resilience goals.

"It encompasses everything you need all in one place." - County Resilience Manager

Emissions and circularity data management, purpose-built for urban development.


Relying on consultants for emissions data every few years puts organizations at a disadvantage. Enter a new era with Cloudsyte - real-time reporting, simplified data collection, swift analysis, and streamlined climate action. Experience your climate program like never before, all in one comprehensive dashboard.

Real-time emission data: Automate data collection for emissions across sectors in real-time and understand trends.

Comprehensive dashboard: Utilize an intuitive dashboard to gain climate intelligence and a detailed breakdown of scope 1, scope 2, and scope 3 emissions.

Efficient recycling inventory: Take stock of recycling data seamlessly.

Enhance collaboration: Foster streamlined collaboration with stakeholders to enhance sustainability practices.

Hussle-free reporting: Generate quantitative reports effortlessly with just a few clicks, providing valuable insights into your sustainability initiatives.

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Project management built to eliminate risks


Cloudsyte offers a collaborative project management tool, purpose-built for urban development. Our platform is tailored to seamlessly execute Climate Action Plans, ensuring success while simplifying KPI tracking. We empower you to manage your projects efficiently, collaborate effectively, achieve sustainability goals, and make a meaningful impact on your community and the environment.

Customized for sustainability: Our platform is designed specifically for the unique needs of sustainability professionals, city and regional governments.

Climate Action Plan execution: Streamline the execution of Climate Action Plans with precision and ease, fostering collaboration among stakeholders.

Simplified KPI tracking: Effortlessly track and assess KPIs, making it straightforward to gauge your progress and share insights.

Strategic sustainability project management: Give top priority to action plans aimed at addressing immediate concerns that could jeopardize the safety of residents.

Sustainability rating 


Improve your procurement process. Get info on vendors' sustainability, ethics, and performance. We make due diligence process simpler, so your procurement team can make smart choices. Build a strong supply chain, meet sustainability goals, and keep vendors accountable for excellence.

Vendor Scorecard: Effortlessly assess your vendors' performance in various sustainability themes such as Environment, Labor & Human Rights, Ethics, and Sustainable Procurement, alongside a dedicated scorecard on Carbon.

Benchmark and Guidance: Identify improvement areas for vendors and receive clear guidance on where to concentrate your efforts for enhanced sustainability.

Metrics and Reporting: Track vendor performance and improvements over time, allowing you to recognize and reward commendable business partners.

Risk Assessment: Gain insights into potential risks to your supply chain for proactive management.

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AI-powered local vulnerability assessment & response.


We harness the power of data science from top sources like Dept of HHS, CDC, FEMA and social platforms to create a robust platform aiding cities and counties in bolstering their response to climate and natural risks.

Precision in Risk Assessment: Detailed insights into community-specific risks.


Vulnerability Mapping: Tailored resilience solutions suited for any urban risk profile. This customization ensures effective resource allocation and mitigation measures, aiding in prioritizing mitigation efforts.


Proactive Response: Cloudsyte equips local authorities with proactive, data-driven tools, enhancing preparedness and responsiveness to climate and natural risks.


Decision Support: Make informed decisions regarding responses to climate and natural risks, ensuring a more resilient city.

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