Map ESG Data.
Mitigate Risks.

The integration of Risk and Sustainability Management in the supply chain is driven by data analytics.


Cloudsyte works with brands and city governments to map suppliers for effective due diligence, compliance, and reporting requirements.

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Eliminate Risk & Simplify Sustainability

Supply chain disruption has become the new norm. Sustainability regulations (ESG) are on the rise around the world. Cloudsyte enables organizations to meet compliance requirements, eliminate risks in the supply chain, reduce carbon emissions, and streamline reporting.

Centralize Sustainability and Risk Data

Invite stakeholders — even external 
ones — into your processes.

Plan with common goals and custom tasks.
With job-specific, real-time data, externalstakeholders can have more immediate 
involvement within your sustainability workflow. Better for them, reassuring for you.

Collaborate with All Stakeholders

Resilience and sustainability are team sports.

Cloudsyte is a cloud-based tool 
focused on supercharging communication and collaboration across departments — plus suppliers —anywhere in the world.

Bring on New Partners
Confidently and Quickly

Supplier due diligence is more important than ever in today's global interconnected supply chains.

Cloudsyte helps sourcing and procurement teams quickly evaluate potential issues and identify top-tier suppliers based on regulatory compliance, operational stability, and other ESG goals.


All in one ESG system

Sustainability Action Plan

Emissions Inventory

Supply Chain Risk Mgmt

Supplier Due Diligence


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