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Cloudsyte introduces new initiative to fund local government climate projects

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Cloudsyte Launches Revolutionary "Sponsor a City" Partnership Program to Deliver Cost-Effective Climate Resilience Program Management for Cities and Counties

Boca Raton, Fl, November 5 -- Cloudsyte LLC, a Florida-based developer of the Cloudsyte ESG/Sustainability/Resilience Program Management and Risk Management Software launched a new “Sponsor a City” partnership program enabling city benefactors to buy Cloudsyte for any city. This visionary initiative bridges the gap between passionate individuals and their commitment to enhancing their city's environmental footprint. Cloudsyte's innovative software digitizes entire Sustainability and Resilience programs, creating a dynamic representations of city or county Climate Action Plans.

Launched in 2018, Cloudsyte, designed by environmental and supply chain executives, Cloudsyte redefines program management by eliminating reliance on Excel, PDFs, and disparate applications and offers real-time data integration and collaboration. The result is a comprehensive, multi-faceted view of progress, costs, risks, and program impacts. As more cities embrace this solution, a unified vision of climate action plan advancement for both cities and counties is created. The Cloudsyte solution provides support for Green Procurement/Supply Chain Risk Assessment and Carbon Accounting/Carbon Emissions, plus Recycling/Circularity, Waste Management, Energy Efficiency, Water Conservation, and Resilience Programs.

CEO and Co-Founder, Kennedy Muteti emphasized the critical role of local governments in responding to climate risks: "The mandate for cities and regional governments to address climate risks cannot be overstated. However, many municipalities face budget constraints, and the complexities of managing climate programs can be overwhelming for sustainability departments. We collaborate closely with these teams, offering support ranging from grant writing to seamless software deployment. Our objective is to collectively create a healthier, more sustainable future for our communities, both locally and globally. Our software fosters more effective management and trend identification, resulting in adaptive cities capable of data-driven policy decisions."

Sponsors can now purchase a single-user deployment for an affordable $2,500 directly from the Cloudsyte website, or reach out to the Cloudsyte team for multi-user pricing options.

For more information, visit or contact us at 561-425-9930. Sponsors will receive regular updates on their contributions and the tangible impact they are making and will help create a lasting legacy of environmental responsibility.


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