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Empower your city with software built for urban sustainability

Relying on consultants for emissions data every few years puts cities at a disadvantage. Enter a new era with Cloudsyte - real-time reporting, simplified data collection, swift analysis, and streamlined climate action. Bring your city's climate program to life!

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Give structure to a long list of actions


Climate Action Plans (CAPs) come in various forms, from single documents to interconnected strategies of mitigation and adaptation plans. Cloudsyte empowers your city to craft, document, and execute your CAP seamlessly.

Why us?

  1. The launch of your CAP marks the beginning of a long-term communication campaign to engage your city in climate action, a journey we facilitate from start to finish.

  2. We ensure your CAP aligns with your broader strategy and stays connected with key audiences.

  3. Our platform monitors success and measures the CAP's impact, allowing for timely adjustments as needed, all in one place.

  4. Cloudsyte offers the tools, support, and expertise to make your CAP a resounding success.

Measure, report, and act on your data in days


Cities are beacons of hope for a sustainable future, but outdated methods fall short in our ever-changing world. Periodic consultant visits hinder adaptation, making Cloudsyte the game-changer ushering in a new era of sustainability.

Real-time data: Cloudsyte understands that the world doesn't wait for periodic check-ins. With real-time emissions data at your fingertips, you can make immediate adaptations, steering your city confidently through the challenges of a rapidly evolving landscape.


Streamlined insights: Sustainability analytics and reporting should be straightforward. Cloudsyte simplifies this with an intuitive platform, consolidating data on gross emissions and emission trends into a single, user-friendly view. No more deciphering lengthy reports; the future is all about simplicity.


Elevated oversight: Our dedicated dashboard provides a panoramic view of all your sustainability Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). No more piecemeal observations; it's time for comprehensive oversight and informed decision-making.


Recycling inventory: Recycling and circularity are not just checkboxes; they're core to a sustainable future. With Cloudsyte, you can efficiently manage these initiatives, not just meeting your sustainability goals but exceeding them.

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Achieve climate change resilience with confidence


  • Risk assessment: Cloudsyte streamlines climate risk and vulnerability assessments, encompassing both natural and socio-economic factors, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of key climate risks.

  • Strategic goals: We emphasize qualitative goal allocation, focusing on creating value, reducing risks, and generating co-benefits, elevating your city's adaptation ambitions.

  • Seamless integration: Cloudsyte ensures a smooth transition from risk identification to prioritization and integration, streamlining resilience intervention strategies for urban sustainability.

Enhanced Governance and Inclusivity

  • Effective governance: Our platform fortifies climate governance, embedding your city's climate action plan in all decision-making processes and activities.

  • Inclusive planning: Cloudsyte fosters stakeholder engagement, conducts vulnerability assessments, forges multi-stakeholder partnerships, facilitates public consultations, and offers capacity-building, ensuring your climate adaptation plans are community-informed and responsive.

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