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Challenges Cloudsyte helps solve for municipalities

Take control of emissions data, generate dashboards easily.


Instead of relying on expensive consultants and waiting years for results, cut time-to-value from years to days by using Cloudsyte.

Greenhouse Gas Accounting: The system automatically calculates greenhouse gas emissions using operational data such as fleet, waste, energy, and fugitive gas.


Rapid Onboarding: We'll import any previous reports into Cloudsyte to kickstart your journey without delay.

Automated Reminders: Say goodbye to countless email follow-ups. Data owners receive timely reminders to input data, ensuring consistency and efficiency.

Progress Tracking: Monitor year-over-year progress and align with ultimate net-zero goals effortlessly.

Instant Dashboards: With just a single click, generate comprehensive dashboards to fuel discussions in meetings and share progress updates with taxpayers.

Automated reminders: Cloudsyte sends reminders to data owners to enter information

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Streamline climate action plan implementation

Tired of juggling multiple tools or relying on outdated spreadsheets to manage your action plan? Cloudsyte offers a seamless transition by swiftly importing your existing plan into our platform, getting you up and running in no time.


Centralized Collaboration: Onboard all stakeholders onto one unified platform for seamless collaboration.
Efficient Task Management: Prioritize tasks, create projects, tasks, and subtasks for easy organization.
Equitable Resource Distribution: Ensure every part of your city benefits by identifying resource distribution.
Automated Reminders: Set reminders to prompt stakeholders to update information, keeping data current.
Instant Dashboards: Showcase progress to council members and taxpayers through visually engaging dashboards.

Plus, if your city is working on unique projects like food policy or desert programs, we will collaborate with your team as co-innovators to build tailored solutions that enhance implementation.

Access local vulnerability assessment


If your municipality has already conducted a local Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment (CCVA), Cloudsyte can seamlessly incorporate that data into Cloudsyte.

Precision in Risk Assessment: Detailed insights into community-specific risks.


Vulnerability Mapping: Tailored resilience solutions suited for any urban risk profile. This customization ensures effective resource allocation and mitigation measures, aiding in prioritizing mitigation efforts.


Proactive Response: Cloudsyte equips local authorities with proactive, data-driven tools, enhancing preparedness and responsiveness to climate and natural risks.


Decision Support: Make informed decisions regarding responses to climate and natural risks, ensuring a more resilient city.

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Make green procurement a reality with Sustainability Rating


Improve your city or regional government's buying process. Get info on vendors' sustainability, ethics, and performance. We make the research process simpler, so your procurement team can make smart choices. Build a strong supply chain, meet sustainability goals, and keep vendors accountable for excellence.

Vendor Scorecard: Effortlessly assess your vendors' performance in various sustainability themes such as Environment, Labor & Human Rights, Ethics, and Sustainable Procurement, alongside a dedicated scorecard on Carbon.

Benchmark and Guidance: Identify improvement areas for vendors and receive clear guidance on where to concentrate your efforts for enhanced sustainability.

Metrics and Reporting: Track vendor performance and improvements over time, allowing you to recognize and reward commendable business partners.

Risk Assessment: Gain insights into potential risks to your supply chain for proactive management.

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Powering nature-based & technical-based solutions

Evidence-based adaptation and resilience plans are essential to ensure local authorities' actions are strategic and effective, yielding co-benefits like enhanced public health, ecosystem preservation, biodiversity, social inclusion, and justice.

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