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3M plans to cease production of PFAS by the end of 2025

3M, a multinational conglomerate corporation, has announced that it will completely exit the per- and polyfluoroalkyl substance (PFAS) manufacturing industry and strive to discontinue the use of PFAS in its products by the end of 2025. This decision was made after careful consideration and evaluation of the changing regulatory landscape and stakeholder expectations, which have increasingly focused on reducing or eliminating the presence of PFAS in the environment.

According to 3M CEO Mike Roman, "While PFAS can be safely made and used, we also see an opportunity to lead in a rapidly evolving external regulatory and business landscape to make the greatest impact for those we serve." 3M's actions to exit PFAS manufacturing and discontinue its use in its products demonstrate the company's commitment to sustainability and innovation.

To achieve these goals, 3M will cease manufacturing all fluoropolymers, fluorinated fluids, and PFAS-based additive products by the end of 2025. The company will also continue to research and develop alternative solutions and has already reduced its use of PFAS over the past three years. During the transition period, 3M will fulfill its current contractual obligations and work to facilitate an orderly transition for its customers.


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